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ianime0: ““ Fairy Tail Dragon Cry | Natsu and Lucy ” ”

ianime0: ““ Fairy Tail Dragon Cry | Natsu and Lucy ” ”

I like how all of their jaws are dropped beyond human capabilities, and Erza's just like what in the world, can I kill it?,funny, text, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Erza, Gray; Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Omg, this is with Isenwald, Erigor, and the Lullaby Flute. I'd remember those train tracks anywhere<--- "Can I kill it?

That Natsu and Lucy face.

Some fun stuff for you :)

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oh god she might be pregnant nice Levy xD

Angry natsu :(

Angry natsu :(

She chopped him like shinigami sama do O.O

Thats what ya get Natsu xD -- Fairy Tail


awesome Fairy Tail anime: Natsu Dragneel_ The Salamander- Jaida.

Nalu, Gale/Gajevy, Jerza, Gruvia | beach | fighting over the best girlfriend

This cool Fairy Tail Comic

Natsu arc tartaros

Natsu arc tartaros


Community: Favorite Anime characters that don't use weapons to fight?

Natsu Dragneel Commission 2 by StingCunha

Browse FAIRY TAIL Natsu Dragneel collected by Thu Pham and make your own Anime album.

*slaps hand to chest over heart followed by a moment of silence* DAWWWWWWW

Awww Nastu and Lucy

Natsu- the sad truth...

Whaaaaaaaat I don't see it Joke he is freaking adorable