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pop art comic - Google-søk

Fuck Everything ! - pop art comic cartoon girl makes the best declaration possible.

If only life could imitate art --- retro pop art comic book love couple beach illustration

Maybe I should get one of these....Alan Delon  "I Spent How Much !"  Limited Edition Giclee

tusk gallery a tusk online gallery Alan Delon : Australian Pop Artist

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since feeling is first/who pays any attention/to the syntax of things/will never wholly kiss you

How typical of such lying whores, I bet many of you know the very type. I am sure they like crappy comics of this era to n are completely clueless of the ugly narrasstic pieces of trash they are. Unbelievable that they think the world revolves around themselves.

Oh really mister ur the Empty Ass one but so full of Shit too

he kissed me pop art

not so bad really though but Mabel was better. That girl could lick like the chocolate off a tootsie roll pop was in 3 licks flat .

archatlas: “ Butcher Billy Boosts Bukowski: The Pop Art Series Butcher Billy From the artist: Legend has it Butcher Billy once sat in a bar with Charles Bukowski and Roy Lichtenstein.