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Giant Hamburger Seat - $116 #cool #design #modern #sseat #shape #gift #funny #hamburger #resistant

Giant Hamburger Seat

DetailsA great seat to eat your meat! Made of moulded resin, and all hand painted, this giant hamburger is a great table, footrest or stool.

These Instagram Fails Are Hilarious - 18 Pics -11

These Instagram Fails Are Hilarious – 18 Pics

These Instagram Fails Are Hilarious - 18 Pics -11

Axe Pizza Cutter

Show how macho you are with this axe pizza cutter! A fun and practical tool that will make slicing pizza quick and easy so you can get to eating it! Wooden handle with stainless steel slicer.

"Commandeer your food!" that made me LOL

Food Fighters Appetizer Picks

Toy soldier food picks - bringing the war against fried foods straight to your plate!

funny people - old kazanova and his latest fan #old #love #flirt #aged #man #youth #awesome #humor #intresting - Funomenia

funny people - old kazanova and his latest fan - fail compilation kitten photos brawl photos


Svintus power strip by Russian design studio Art Lebedev is a multi-snout cutie that you will not want to hide behind a couch. It’s a pink, fully functional power strip with seventeen snout-plugs.

My Travel Packing List: Flight 001 Safety Neck Rest

Flight 001 – Where Travel Begins. Safety Neck Rest - In-flight Comfort - Flight 001 Products

Actually happened to a friend of mine #meme #actually #happened #friend #mine #funny #humor #comedy #lol

Bad Luck Brian is a photo meme featuring an unfortunate high school picture of an overly happy red-headed boy. The gist of the meme is that poor Brian has the worst.

gomita gigante

Regalos gigantes que llenarán el corazón de tu pareja

The first thing I think of when I see this giant gummy bear jello mold is making alcoholic jello with vodka soaked gummy bears inside.

Unless you are an entomologist, almost all of us hate bugs with a passion. They get in our food, on our furniture, and are generally annoying. When was the last time you were trying to sleep, only …

You need to take a look at the Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun for one of the most humane and fun ways to remove pesky bugs from the house.

Me want! Damn Think Geek :( too many things

ThinkGeek :: Tauntaun Costume Hoodie Star Wars The zipper is Luke's lightsaber! This is awesome.