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Natural Hold Locking Spray is a finishing and rehydrating spray for natural hair, twists, and locks. It gives your freshly twisted locks extra hold without stiffness or dryness - just the moisture and staying power your hair needs! Love this!

I’ve got a lot of questions about how I make some of my dreadlock updos, so I’m going to share how to do it here! =) 1. Here you can see my dreadlocks are just hanging straight, I’ve run my fingers...

Do you want to learn how to make this creative dreadlock bun? Down below you will find the full tutorial both in pictures and also a video on how you can do th

Natural beauty with dreads ♥

Everytime I see beautiful girls with dread locks, I want dreds more and more. One day. i miss my dread babies 💔


Dreadlocks are not dirty. They are beautiful. Submit photos of dreadlocks to here. Dreadlocks have been around for thousands of years and in a multitude of cultures.

One day while walking in the mast forests of GreyLock, high above a mountain, you notice my character, the first with the striking red hair sitting perched peacefully on top of a sturdy boulder, her eyes closed, sitting completely still. What will your character do? Do they say hi? Do they stay and watch her?

I love dreads, when they suit to someone. like this girl here. I once had even an idea of forest green dreads. but no :D (Dyed Hair Auburn)