Special commission for of the gang of wolves from his novel Lonate, Carlin, Luna, Estrella, and finally Tilhack, from left to right. I especially like how Tilhack came out If you'd like to read mor...

Headshot of Deimos, a pretty white wolfy who belongs to as part of a reference! The flowers and leaves took almost as long to do as the rest of the wolf.

Black wolf in autumn forest.

Name: Maeve Gender: Female Age: 24 moons years) Rank: Warrior Personality: Meet her to find out

Dreamchild by on @deviantART

Dreamchild Don't let them kill your flame Don't let them steal your sun The future's yours to claim You are frightened by what you see But somehow you d.

In the Dark by on @DeviantArt

In the Dark by on @DeviantArt


Wolves lurking in the shadows provide an exceptional line of defense for the United States

Iris is the guardien of the forest. And she partect all that are in it. She is twice the size of a nomal wolf but alway treats others equally.

✯ The Messenger Oracle Seek the Lesson Card 33 :: Artist Ravynne Michele Phelan ✯