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This is so BEAUTIFUL *4*

As done as rough animation is ever done of course. :) When I first started this 2 weeks ago, on my free time at night, I didn’t think it would end up being 21 feet seconds) of animation!

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For the love of 2d animation (pt 2)

James Baxter - CalArts class The original video has been posted below, but I thought you’d like to have the animated gif.

2d animated vector gifs - motion design loops Shot_tree_of_seasons_01 Dribble.com

Tree Of Seasons GIF

Dante Hunter /// 4 seasons tree animation - it can be used for Android BootAnimation.

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ca-tsuka: “ New animated commercial by Studio Ghibli and Katsuya Kondo for Nisshin Seifun.

Shuu Transformation WIP2 by ChuuStar on deviantART

Shuu Transformation by ChuuStar on deviantART~~~ one of my personal favorite animations