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Your character ( a guy or child) sees Eliza sitting on the edge of her window. Will they talk to her?

Once upon a time...

Reading an amazing book in an amazing view in an amazing nook window in an…

The elusive ‘me time’.

I'm taking time to just read a book and think. I'm hoping I can just sleep until dinner time then go on a walk around the park. Read a book, think then sleep. Sounds good to me.


Qué pasará el domingo con las elecciones en Chile

| joann verburg |

When I lived on my own - My favorite thing to do was read the Sunday paper on my balcony with a cup of coffee and smooth jazz playing in the background. something about paper print.

Lembrei da ellen ‘-‘

My eye roamed over the book Lillie gave me yesterday, I'm not much of a reader. I flipped through the book's pages, once I held it open my view came to a dried carnation flower I gave Lillie when we're little.