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The tray is a fine and simple Advent wreath, and can be used as is, or decorated with a little spruce.

cheese fork wedding display - tomkat studio

Gorgeous Wedding Cheese Cake

Another idea is to create a unique fork display using shallow wooden boxes. Cut cheese into small bite-size pieces, place on forks and add complimentary flavored items. Use craft foam to hold the upright forks in place and cover with coarse salt for a cle

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Raw Christmas- Pure styles: If you are looking for a budget Christmas decoration inspiration.

wunderschön-gemacht: weihnachtsstadt unter`m sternenhimmel

wunderschön-gemacht: weihnachtsstadt unter`m sternenhimmel

Liebesbotschaft: Beautiful December day + winner.

Smart Tips to Decorate with Small Christmas Trees. A small Christmas tree can be a great solution for small spaces if you are just looking for alternative.

Ich wollte dieses Jahr einen Adventskranz mit viel Naturmaterialien. Oha, das war gar nicht so einfach, schöne Zapfen zu finden, aber mit ein bisschen Rumgerenne hat's dann doch noch geklappt. :smile:

Und jetzt unser Kranz!

I saw small evergreens in jars like this all throughout shops in Norway during December. Sometimes with lights, but always beautiful and clean.