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haaaa the ain't it the truth tho

Funny pictures about It's finals week. Oh, and cool pics about It's finals week. Also, It's finals week.

True life

The realities of math class. This was my reality with math from middle school through college. Maybe once all my kids are in school I should take a math class and sharpen my skills.

What the hell happened??

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics. Oh my god. So funny but true.

All nighter lies

10 lies you tell yourself in an all nighter.was guilty of all of these at least once in college.

Stages of procrastination honestly-this-is-boarderline-so-true

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Funny pictures about Stages of procrastination. Oh, and cool pics about Stages of procrastination. Also, Stages of procrastination photos.

finals week meme | My Brain During Finals Week | WeKnowMemes

chemistry the one with the shapes and shit, right? I literally burst out laughing when I read this

so true, barely have room for a pencil by the time you get to college

24 Things That Don't Make Any Sense

When rappers don't know what the hell they're taking about... I wonder if the writers of their music does this on purpose to see the rappers notice Lol

This Guy Is Hilarious

Studying For Finals, Mmhm. Yeah. Mmhm...

my school life: studying for (anatomy and physiology) finals : mhm, oh, yeah yeah yeah. Good Burger Nickelodeon TV show Kel Mitchell as Ed

this is quite possibly my favorite thing ever

Hanging out with Fabio…

Just hanging out at Whole Foods with Fabio. Even though I hate whole foods.this pic is funny.

Brain Fact

Brain Fact

Funny pictures about Scumbag Brain. Oh, and cool pics about Scumbag Brain. Also, Scumbag Brain.

Anyone feeling this yet? After teaching all week, this is what I feel like when I get home on Friday.

The consequences of going back to school…

Funny pictures about The consequences of going back to school. Oh, and cool pics about The consequences of going back to school. Also, The consequences of going back to school.