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hairy fat woman bathtub shaving legs with chainsaw razors, cavewomen neanderthal women Spring is coming. spring harvest sign over bathtub,

Happy Trees!

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

"This is how I feel upon arriving at the beach." Lolthis is how I feel at the beach!

Oh look, it's empty!

Unofficial DT Meme and Jokes Thread - Page 14

This is my cup of care. Oh, look, it's empty. Magnet Retro Humor Cup of Care by LulusFiveandDime on Etsy, Ideas

November 5th is Redhead Day, as a redhead I have a duty to at least make this small redhead themed dump. - Imgur

Don't Make Me Mad Or I Will Ginger Snap - Baby with Red Hair Holds a Warning Sign ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

So yeah....no

Story of my life - I was going to do that, but then you told me to!

"Was That Today?"

missed the boat. No WONDER the Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs. they missed the boat! Now I come to think of it, where does it mention dinosaurs AT ALL in the the Bible?

Yall got any more of them episodes? - funny ghetto pictures, funny pictures, ratchet pictures

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 49 Pics binge watching at its finest

Why I shop at Target

Why I shop at Target

Target - Where People Pay a Little More to Avoid Walmart - Bare Belly Fail - Funny Pictures at Walmart

Ha ha ha never thought of it that way

Balloons are weird things. "Oh it's your birthday? Here, have a plastic sack of my breath!

No more guessing, now we know.

:) That little girl is pissed haha - her big sisters face is so funny- lord help me but I can see Olivia doing this.((Ohh haha that ain't my little sister she was a stranger .The dark haired girl is Bonnie Renee Scott.


Saying shit after anything will make it sound gangster. For example, "I like to crochet and shit".

parenting in public parenting at home. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

I just laughed so so hard

Women and War. Hahahaaaa hilarious If women ruled the world. There wouldn't be any wars just a bunch of countries not speaking jokes of humor lol memes