*QUILLING ~ Handmade by Mihaela

Handmade by Mihaela: Flowers with quilled leaves. Mihaela makes THE most gorgeous flowers and her quilling is amazing.

Картина панно рисунок Квиллинг Крокусы и подснежники в подарок Бумажные полосы фото 1

*QUILLING ~ Painting panels pattern Quilling Crocuses and snowdrops in gift paper strips Photo 1

Appel Quilling Garden

Quilled Decorative Bottle (i would go for a plain bottle so the quilling wouldn't clash with anything)

Paper Quilling Patterns Designs | Amazing Paper Quilling Patterns and Designs - Life Chilli

Quilling Designs With Amazing Paper Quilling Patterns And Designs Life Chilli

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