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Funny Kermit meme - But Thats None Of My Business

This is terrible, but hilarious at the same time.

kermit the frog - Your ohone screen is brighter than your future lol

STOPPPPPP LMFAOOOOOO We all know this girl who thinks she looks like a bad ass, but looks like a poor ass.

But Thats None Of My Business - funny Kermit meme

Kermit. But that's none of my business tho. Lmao #ballin

Oh you ballin huh ? Easy to do when you living with mommy and daddy. But thats none of my business tho.

But Thats None Of My Business | IT'S OK... WE KNOW YOUR LYING BUT THAT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS | image tagged in memes,but thats none of my business,kermit the frog | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

When they tellin a bold face lie.

Joe Walsh the fucking motherfucker fuck-face fucker.

But That's None of My Business  While the imagery seems innocent enough, this 2014 meme is used to openly pass sarcastic judgment on someone.  When you think someone is an idiot for some life decision he or she has made, you can post a photo of Kermit drinking tea, along with the phrase 'but that's none of my business'.  The memorable muppet image will help the message gnaw on the person's brain for a while, and remind them that they've been judged.

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kermit the frog none of my business memes

Gangster Kermit, keeping it real.

crazy stalker ex wife

Kermit the Frog memes


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