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Charles Avery devotes himself exploring the fictional Island which he continues to populate with its own ingeniousness, through use of large scale installations, sculptures, drawings, text and moving image.

crossconnectmag: “ The Art of Charles Avery  Charles Avery (b.1973, Oban, Scotland) moved to London in 1993 where he completed a foundation course at Chelsea School of Art. Apart from this, he remains...

Charles Avery is a Scottish artist from Oban. He currently lives and works in London. Since 2004 Charles Avery has devoted his practice to the perpetual description of an imaginary island.

50 Outstanding Illustration Designs for Your Inspiration |

"Lets paint the town Red" I think this is another advertisement for a paint company. It seems paint companies have the coolest designs. The red paint really stand out and making the bristles the town was really creative.

Bildergebnis für portrait collage photography

composition/juxtaposition black and white filter the square photo uses two different pictures but combined as one to make something very unique


Photographer: Den Kara Concept: Den Kara and Natalia Clima Makeup: Natalia Clima Model: Mischa Arnaut Retoucher: Arina Princess

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Drawings and Paintings by Constantine Lianos

Paintings and drawings by Greek artist Constantine Lianos. Constantine Lianos was born in He currently lives in Athens, Greece where he studies art a

Contemporary sculptures by Charles Avery

Contemporary sculptures by Charles Avery

Mini figures -

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