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Camillo Pissarro (1803-1930) By the 1880s, Pissarro moved into a Postimpressionist period, returning to some of his earlier themes and exploring new techniques such as pointillism. He forged new friendships with artists including Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, and was an early admirer of Vincent van Gogh. While in keeping with his lifelong interest in innovation, Pissarro’s turning away from Impressionism contributed to the general decline of the movement, which he had influenced greatly.

Philadelphia Museum of Art L ile Lacroix, Rouen (The Effect Of Fog) Camille Pissarro, French, 1830 -

"Ile Lacruix, Rouen. Effect of Fog." 1888.

Camille Pissarro - L’Île Lacroix, Rouen (The Effect of Fog)

"The Morning Walk" 1885, Georges Seurat. The National Gallery, London.

"The Morning Walk" Georges Seurat. Impressionist art had visible brush strokes, light colours, emphasis on light and its changing qualities, ordinary topics and unusual visual angles.

All Saints' Church, Upper Norwood - Camille Pissarro - The Athenaeum

All Saints' Church, Upper Norwood, 1871 -Camille Pissarro - by style - Impressionism

Boats at Dock - Camille Pissarro (French, 1830-1903) Impressionist, Pointillist Painter

Camille Pissarro Boats at Dock painting for sale online outlet, painting Authorized official website

The Telegraph Tower at Montmartre - Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro The Telegraph Tower at Montmartre, 1863 Painting sale, painting Authorized official website

Camille Pissarro - Le Boulevard Montmarte Mardi Gras, 1897 at Kunstmuseum Winterthur Switzerland

"Le Boulevard Montmarte Mardi Gras" -- 1897 -- Camille Pissaro -- French -- Oil on canvas -- Kunstmuseum -- Winterthur, Switzerland

Painting by Camille Pissarro (1830-1903), 1878, Vegetable Garden (日本語: 菜園), oil on canvas.

Camille Pissarro Vegetable Garden, 1878 Height: 552 mm in). Width: 459 mm in). Bridgestone Museum of Art