PABLO PICASSO  “Garçon a la pipe”, 1904

Boy with a Pipe – Garçon à la Pipe, 1905 - An early Picasso’s painting, designated to his Rose period. He painted this work soon after he came to Paris, showing a boy holding a pipe and wearing a wreath of flowers.

Museo Picasso - Barcelona, Spain

Museo Picasso - Barcelona, Spain

Picasso Rose Period -  1905, Family of Saltimbanques

'La famille de saltimbanques (Family of Saltimbanques) 1905 Pablo Picasso. Oil on canvas: x cm x 90 in.) Chester Dale Collection, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso Le Fils De l'Artiste En Arlequin (Portrait Of Paolo) 1924 x 27 cm)

피카소,<피카소의 두번째 여인>      피부가 무척 하얗던 여인 에바구엘.   피카소는 구년에 걸친 페르낭드와 동거생활에 종지부를 찍고 그녀를 선택한다. 유난히 몸이 약했던 에바는 1차세계대전 이듬해 젊은 나이에 결핵으로 생을 마감한다.

Pablo Picasso - The Lovers, 1923 - Chester Dale Collection. National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.