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greek mythology gods and goddesses symbols

Diderot and d'Alembert - Alchemical symbols:

Alchemical symbols from an encyclopedia printed between in seventeen volumes by Diderot and d'Alembert.


Alchemical Emblems, Occult Diagrams, and Memory Arts: Alchemy Symbols Symbols for tattoo

Magical Symbols

Magical Symbols-idea-have my kids symbols tattoo on my side

Witch Symbols

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Water, totally a Water sign.

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Leo birth stone is ruby.

Witch Symbols by matilda

Witch Symbols - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

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Birthdays Signs And Symbols

Imagem de symbol, alchemy, and alchemical

One day i'll get the mercury sign and the air sign somewhere seeing as I am a gemini I think these would be a much more unique tattoo idea as opposed to getting the normal gemini sign.

| This king's stool has a lion  a key to symbolize his power  ...

african symbols and meanings good to know when people request these for henna tattoos. The snake one would be a good arm band

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Zodiac tattoo

Zodiac tatoo I've always wanted to get an arrow tattoo for Sagittarius - even before arrows were 'cool'

Three Moons Wicca (page 3) - Pics about space

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This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Innermost Thoughts - Higher Perspective

Aries Aries is the type who could take on the world on their own. They have a headstrong attitude and are the ultimate go-getters. They tend to be a little bit arrogant, bossy, and demeaning though. Remember to listen to what others have to say.