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I am The ugly dragon of the seas.

I am the Vengeful Unicorn of the East

I am The ugly dragon of the seas.<<the ugly gargoyle of the seas.<<The Dark Unicorn of the Forest

Birthday Game hahahahah At least I'm stuck on an island with Edward Cullen.. This could be Love or Death....

Birthday Game

Handcuffed (for life) with a teletubby <<<< trapped in prison with Winnie the Pooh.<<< switch lives with Jackie chan

Driven over by Harry Potter in the streets of Tokyo. But let's be honest, Harry Potter would be in his hero mode and I wouldn't die. Plus he would never drive.

How will you die?

Paper cut killed by Morgan freeman on top of the Eiffel Tower , brilliant, I always wanted to go that way << how I died? Fisted to death by Picachu on a lonely island

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I could do this forever.

Have you ever wanted to fist bump Tom Hiddelston? Oh my gosh, this is making me way too excited. GIF we need some more fist bumping actors to take part!

Can You Spot The 'c' In This Optical Illusion? | PlayBuzz

Can You Spot The 'c' In This Optical Illusion?

After countless illusions in the media recently, let's see if you're good enough to get this one right. I did it!