Glowing dome treehouse

Everyone and I guess every one, as a kid dreams about owning a tree house in the garden and I am no exception to that. But the sphere of the tree houses have grown larger and they are no more confined to the dreams of children. They are not just for kids

Geode-sic dome treehouse

By Poplar Demand

“I kept pushing the idea of doing a new kind of tree house further and further, trying to find the best structure, the best materials,” explains Dustin Feider, a freelance furniture designer. “Then I finally figured it out.” What Feider disc

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erlebnest in Germany

Dome tree house. Now that's cool, but not as safe as a dome can be on the ground.

Casas sobre arboles

Geodesic dome tree-houses, lees meer: www.

wave-dancer: love!

Stumbled upon the coolest treehouse in the forest!

I would probably never leave it if i had one of those..

House in a tree - BC

Baumhäuser im Abenteuerfreizeitpark "Kulturinsel Einsiedel" im ostsächsischen Zentendorf (dpa / picture alliance / Oliver Killig)

Freilerner - Leben ohne Schule

Baumhäuser im Abenteuerfreizeitpark "Kulturinsel Einsiedel" im ostsächsischen Zentendorf (dpa / picture alliance / Oliver Killig)

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40 Amazing Urban Treehouse Any Adult Would Love



APOSTA GEOMÉTRICA  Os americanos da O2 Sustainability também levam a ideia da casa na árvore a sério. O escritório de arquitetura com base em Minneapolis é especializado no assunto e oferece diversos modelos a seus clientes. A maior parte deles é montada com uma estrutura metálica e piso de madeira. A cobertura é feita de lona.

Sustainability Treehouse-- nice borrowing of the dome design! Not such a good permanent option for Kansas, IMO.

¿Quién no ha soñado de pequeña con tener una casa en el árbol como las que aparecen en las películas? Aunque nos sorprenda, este tipo de construcciones no son solo fantasías de la infancia: existen de verdad y la gente vive en ellas.  #viajar #casas #árboles #casaárbol #inspiración #placeres #viajes #trip

Casas originales en los bosques

Tree House By LukaszKos Harad’s Reflective Tree Hotel Tree house by Terunobu Fujimori Mmp architects: HP tree house Suspended Treehouse by Cocoon Tree Tree house built by the Korowai people in Papu…

Fancy A-Frame Tree House

Fancy A-Frame Tree House. a big tree in the back yard is important when buying a house

Maisons construites dans les arbres extraordinaires

The Treehouse seeks to “inspire humanity to reconsider how we can more harmlessly co-exist with nature” by creating world-wide tree house communities.

12 casas nas árvores incríveis

Teahouse Tetsu – architect Terunobu Fujimori creates a treehouse amongst the Cherry Blossoms.

I want a tree house like this - sided with mirror reflective material so it blends in with the surroundings!

Mirrored tree house in Sweden. The Mirrorcube at Treehotel. Why is all the cool stuff in Sweden?


大自然のなかで体験する、世界のグランピングスポット8|ハーパーズ バザー