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My brother's insistence on good fitting bras was well known in the family, he would not tolerate uncomfortable underwear!


New Year's Eve COOL photo. Funny things do haven during New year evenings don't they?

“I started to drink heavily, comfortably caught in the tentacle-like clutches of alcohol.”  ― Keith Steinbaum

Martha Finster's ability to balance anything on her feat got her nowhere.she is still the librarian at the Pincher Creek High School.

Minnie was easily amused by Clark's bon mots. And by bon mots I mean his fart jokes.

Donnie was right. His levitating hot dog bun trick was the way to Francine's heart.


Larry (far right) new year's party for various friends in neighborhood.Larry was way ahead of his time and let people be real.

Clark wasn't sure but he thought that there should be cards to play with...not just money.

Bridge Game Night We kids would clean up the left over goodies the next morning. Bridge mix and cream pies.

For Syd - with an endless supply of hats and horns, booze and cigarettes - every New Year's deserved a party like it's 1999.

Vintage kodachrome-party found photo snapshot women in kitchen era suit dress hair