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I’ve only seen Twilight, but I think I agree with the Bella Swan thing. Movie Hermione is definitely different from Book Hermione. I kinda fell in love with Book Hermione.

Moritz Aust

Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery." --- -- Self-portraits by Mortiz Aust

Wizard of Oz

Witch's Castle Travel

Justyna by Rafał Bojar on // She is so pretty; I think she would be a good Pippa.

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Alternative soulmate AUs good worldbuilding means deeply exploring how a system would form around the fictional element that stands out in your universe.

Ando precisando viajar para espairecer. . .   ✿ღ✿•Soℓ Hoℓme•✿ღ✿

Ando precisando viajar para espairecer. . . ✿ღ✿•Soℓ Hoℓme•✿ღ✿

scanography | Aprendi a fazer isso e estou realmente encanta… | Natasha de Paiiva | Flickr

Pj was pleading to her team as she was being brutalized by Brumle y and Nelson. She was too drugged to do anything to help herself

"We will keep her. Alive," growled First Star. His brother laughed. "But how will you keep her alive... when she's fighting *against* you?" The Dark Demon asked, and with that, he lunged for Angel, who had no time to react. Before she knew it, she was being launched into the dark sky...

Don't know who she is yet, but she looks rather malicious, so I'm assuming she's a bad girl. I'll probably use a character like her in my Ryder's Renegade story