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Photoshop: Before and After

Photoshop: Before and After. Ladies, don't try living up to a photoshop version of yourself. Just my thoughts (Monica Lopez)

Photoshop transformations of celebrities and models revealed.  Click for more photos.

15 Photoshopped Transformations of Celebs and Models

Don't believe the magazine lies; society's ideal woman is impossible. "Photoshop transformations of celebrities and models revealed.


Britney spears provides before-and-after airbrushing photos for a serious reality check.not for what magazines show you should be.

cameron diaz photoshopped..... super interesting little article, especially the last part about the 'extreme thinness dilemma' in media

You'll Be Shocked at What These Editors Are Editing Out of Their Photos

Why can't we woman be proud that we are in our fifties/plus and all natural?  Our daughter's and sons are completely inundated with photos that are fake and altered. Blurring the lines of what is real or fiction. Yet when we get older and have well earned our wrinkles, have images like this to shame us..... While Madonna is a prominent representative for mature women, she is also promoting an image for her age that is quite clearly, deceptive.

Elixir of Photoshop In Dolce & Gabbana's ad, Madonna has been tranformed into young diva - courtesy the photoshop wand OMIGOD! Madonna's hands are scary! no wonder she wears gloves most of the time.

Celebrity Photoshop Before And After

VOGUE's September 2012 issue features an edited Lady Gaga in a Marc Jacobs dress. Nothing like a little photoshop magic.

Models & Celebrities before and after photoshop  photoshop is almost always used for celebrities and famous people, making more color stand out, the skin clearier, and add more stuff to there body so it can look nice

Nshore is a professional and expert Photo editing and image retouching graphic design agency offers photo touch up service and glamour retouch service.

On average women see 600 photo shopped images a day and how jacked up is it that beauty mags "whitewash" darker skinned people? Even good looking models get changed out of all recognition.

Kate Winslet on the cover of the British "GQ" Magazine. Kate says that the legs on the "GQ" cover are one-third of her original size.

Photoshop before and after; Always remember you are beautiful to begin with, and so are they! They have just been redone to look "pretty" but in reality, they already were! You don't need to look "magazine perfect" to be beautiful!!!!

Photoshop before and after; They have just been redone to look "pretty" but in reality, they already were! You don't need to look "magazine perfect" to be beautiful!