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"People with Capricorn on the 12th house cusp are usually Aquarius Rising, and are more conservative than they like to admit. Although they’re sometimes limited by unconscious fears, their hidden strength is the discipline that enables them to work hard behind the scenes. They can be trusted with secrets, and they often work on secret projects." I'm not Aquarius rising tho. 12th house. #astrology

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I was too dangerous to be around others, so the ancestors placed me on my own planet. They thought the main planet, Earth, was far enough from my dangerous touch but the human that stood before me, the human who had travel hundreds of years to find me, the human who wanted me to leave everything Ive known to join him, proved the ancestors wrong.

He was so taken aback by that answer. She was the quiet girl in the back of the class." "Then that's your answer," she murmured.

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