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laughing jack before he went (more) insane

laughing jack before he went (more) insane >>> I love the image of the monochrome laughing jack sort of hidden in the back, almost as if he was always there to begin with.

Candy Pop  Yet another pasta i have become obsessed with.... Why is it always clowns? Always the clowns o.o

he is jester of the kingdom. hey sorry i slow drawing it. next maybe lost silver(๑◔‿◔๑) creepy pasta candy pop (c) another creepy pasta card candy pop

mejores cosplay de ticci toby - Buscar con Google

I am not taking that motherfucking hand. God knows what the hell he'll do to me, probably kill me or take me to see the Wicker Man>>>> I know I shouldn't but I can't help it! *takes hand* *he throws me off a cliff* wOW

Jeff's throwback

Jeff and Liu from before. Yea, you really have changed Jeff-not like it's really surprising in a way it is surprising

8..seven lifes..8

Song: Still Doll by Kanon Wakashima Male Version Creepypasta - The Puppeteer Images By DeviantART.

Love that song

Well mother watch what war did to my legs and to my thoung You should have raised a baby girl, I should have been a better son (Creepy Pasta)

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I'm crying :'( They just made another creepypasta thing out of a song. I think I'm in love with these<<<< Ok, I get that this supposed to be sad, but Jeff looks freaking adorable and don't you try to tell me different.

Jason The ToyMaker -FanArt by SaraMangaka on DeviantArt

Ehi Togheteeer I made this new fan art of an italian Creepypasta: Jason The ToyMaker by it's just awesome that CreepyPasta &nbs. Jason The ToyMaker -FanArt


homicidal liu= jeff the killer creepy pasta i really like him. liu, so hot Empty coffin