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Pewdiecry Bloody trapland 01 gif by ~keary http://www.deviantart.com/art/Pewdiecry-Bloody-trapland-01-gif-388993758

Pewds and Cry playing Bloody Trapland. The art is so freakin' ADORABLE!

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lol i don't know whats funnier the picture on the left or right << both because one i love Pewds and left because they're actually serious omg aha

Cry and Pewdiepie - by Reikiwie.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt They make it seem so evil and not just a game!!!

So after havin big complains about my idea of Murder!Pewds I thought about something new, using the Trouble in Terrorist Town's mod Introducing Traitor!Cry to you

[Fanart] Youtubers PewDiePie & Cryaotic (Cry): Keep Calm & "Don't Worry About it Cry!"

You know you watch too much Pewdiepie and Cry plays when you start going "Don't worry bout it Cry" to your family and friends XD

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Puppy therapy for pewds xD This scared me so bad in the video!

Pewdiepie playing Five nights at Freddys, the most evil game ever to exist!! :/

Pewdiepie playing Fnaf XD I never bother looking for bonnie and chica, only Freddy and foxy.

Cry's no arms-depression #3 by ~MissBloodyEyes on deviantART http://missbloodyeyes.deviantart.com/art/Cry-s-no-arms-depression-3-354063970

Cry's no arms-depression by MissBloodyEyes on deviantART