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ST - I'm listening by simengt.deviantart.com on @deviantART

ST - I'm listening by simengt on DeviantArt - Oh, Bones and Spock.

ASK12:AOS kirk bones spock dancing Hula

I could just picture a tos episode where they have to do this for some godforsaken reason. Their facial expressions are perfect-- Bones is regretting his entire life, Kirk is just rolling with it, and Spock, of course, feels nothing.

I have enormous affection for Star Trek. When it appeared in the '60s, it set my moral compass and my hope for humanity to progress and learn.

Ok, if anyone ever gives me any trouble about liking Star Trek, I'm showing them this post.

Star Trek

Actually an improv line by the magnificent lifelong Trekkie, Mr Urban <---if that is true he is awesome.that was my favorite line in the movie because it connected so fabulously to the original series!