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attach a binder clip on your night stand. Genius idea

Attach a binder clip to your night stand to keep your phone charger from falling off. I have a really thick night stand, so I used a small binder clip and attached it to the cord for the lamp. Still works beautifully!

To DO: Family emergency binder (store passports, birth and marriage certificates, SIN cards, health records, emergency contacts, extra money, etc). Similar to military "I Love You Book".

To DO this summer: Family emergency binder (store passports, birth and marriage certificates, SS cards, health records, emergency contacts. Keep in safe place and easy access in case of fire or emergency evacuation. See template GREAT IDEA


Love this, I envision some Washi Tape and a sharpie to make faux-calligraphy. If only I had a desk drawer. Organize all the little things you need with altoids tins. Perfect for a desk drawer.

11 Ways to Organize with Binder Clips :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

11 Ways to Organize with Binder Clips

If you want an easy, cheap way to organize -- try binder clips! Not kidding -- they are easy to change by using paint or washi tape and come in all kinds of sizes! I've found 11 ways to use them to organize!

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3 Steps to Organized Files

Playing card storage solution - Organize playing card games using empty baby wipe containers. Simply cut out the name of the card game from the original box and tape onto the recycled container.

To see how to make a more complex master meal planning board, and even download tons of kid-friendly recipes, check out this master database by RobbyGirl.

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Just in case this tragedy befalls you...how to fix a cracked iPhone..might as well pin now.

Diy fix broken iphone screen ~ Little Bit Funky: how to replace your iphone 4 screen - resources for doing it yourself

never forget your rooms paint color - record everything on the inside of the light switch or outlet cover

Never forget your paint color! On the inside of your light switch or outlet cover, using a permanent marker, write the paint brand, color name, swatch number on a piece of painter's tape for quick reference. Change the room color? Change the info tape!

Fixing a stripped hole with a golf tee. I would never have known how to do this. by claireworx

Gotta remember this- would work for any stripped screw hole- though I think I would put a little wood glue on the tee before inserting it. Golf tee fix for stripped holes - put in glue, hammer in golf tee, cut off excess, then add screw = fixed.

10 great organizing printables copy. Includes a killer menu planner, fun Finish It Friday and Back-to-School checklist.  Can't wait to finally have a reason to use all these!

10 great organizing printables: One Year of Organizing Checklists Party Trouble Spots Wardrobe Shopping List Party Supply Inventory Finish It Friday Freezer Inventory Meal Planner Tried + True Meals Back-to-School Checklist

Color-code your keys to make sure big kids can let themselves in after school with ease.

11 Organizing Tips To Give You An A+ In Life This School Year

Color Code Your Keys. Could be a quick an easy craft on the days we need something quick -- could have people know before hand to bring their keys if they wanted. but then again people might not want to color code their keys?

Before you start painting a room, read our nine helpful tips for keeping your project clean and organized. Great tips!!!

Good Things for Painting

Paint-Can Tip Banish messy spills and drips when using craft paint. Slide a rubber band over the open can, then gently wipe the bottom of the brush against the band each time you dip.

Twine Keeper - A sugar shaker works perfectly to dispense baker's twine or ribbon.

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"Summer Social" Guest Project — Make an Embellished Grocery Bag Container!! {great item to keep in your car}

Make an embellished grocery bag container!

how to roll plastic bags so they come out like wipes. No more huge bag filled with them under the sink! Then they fit in a recycled wipes container. Awesome for poop pickup bags :)