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high quality home made quiet book. Love the finished edges around each page and the cover. Nice work!

Quiet book with lots of cute ideas. I'm always looking for more ways to keep the girls quiet at church!

Quiet book patterns and ideas

love the collar on the dog and football lace ups. Shared with you.: A Tour: Finished Quiet Book Number Four

DIY Felt Quiet Books - with templates! links to supply lists and templates. Oh my, what a time extensive project this will be... if I ever get to it.

Serving Pink Lemonade: Quiet Book It's a great idea but I'm far too untalented (and lazy) to make such a thing. I think it's a shame that only the little girl got a dress-up bit in her book though.

This crafter said she would share the pattern of this children's "Quiet Book" if she had enough interest.  Her email link is toward the bottom of the list of pics to include sushi shapes, fun in the sun, around town, camping with dad, fly fishing, etc.  Cute gift!

Quiet book surfing page. Beach bag full of sunscreen, shorts etc. crab hiding behind a board

Quiet book Lion Page - look at those textures! I like how the lion's face is puffed out too.

Baby's Felt Quiet Book

Baby’s Felt Quiet Book Lion (lots of different textures and colors in the mane to touch)

Quiet Book Patterns & Ideas. I like the idea of the letters matching up to the name... Maybe use Velcro too

Hamper opposite washer or hang dryQuiet Book Patterns & Ideas. I like the idea of the letters matching up to the name. Maybe use Velcro too