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My mom did that with nail polish. She was trying to buy me black and it turned out to be purple. She also tried two other times... one she forgot in the store and the other has blue sparkles in it D:

Does it comfort anyone else that a 26 year old rapper/musician/a whole crap ton of other stuff, is coloring? With crayons

Oh my god

He's a real life Troy Bolton, your argument is invalid.《《 bop bop bop, bop to the tøp.

I laughed and then I cried.

but seriously twenty one pilots is so hard to describe. like, "yeah, if you like hearing dudes screaming at ukuleles and rapping to piano then you'd def like <<<Screamo Ukulele rap. That's what tøp is. That is our genre.

omfg tyler

Twenty One Pilots: Hot Topic Take Over, where Tyler gives us his editing tips. i love tyler.

Blurryface summary

Okay, but Lane Boy isn't rap hard at all compared to Ode To Sleep.<<< same I still fumble one part of ode to sleep but I had lane boy down in one night