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mini ice-cream tutorial

How to make ice-cream - Japanese

輕鬆學黏土-可愛貓咪夾 - YouTube

輕鬆學黏土-可愛貓咪夾 - YouTube

Kim Cloughさんのミニチュア

SHIFTキーより小さい寿司。 Kim Cloughさんのミニチュア

Tiny food steak and chips!

Etsy の Miniature Ice Cream Sundae Parfait  Dollhouse by BEADSPAGE

Miniature Ice Cream Tub - Fruit Ice Cream Parfait Sundae Doll Fake Food for scale ~ scale dolls (select size)

アイスキャンディ1                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

Miniatures Ice-Cream are so Cute and Creative.

Deli sandwich's in 1/12 scale  By NUNU's House

Amazing Miniatures -- the tomatoes look so juicy. by Nunu's house


Sometimes you just need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don't be ashamed to get decadent and check out these incredible looking desserts.



♡ ♡  DULCES CESTA (S * Basket)

♡ ♡ DULCES CESTA (S * Basket)

Comida en miniatura

Kim Burke's favorite past time is scouring for miniature food inspiration. She's completely addicted to clay polymers, her medium for her delectable creations ~~ amazing miniature food sculptures t.