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black, almost

// La Maison des Centraliens designed by Martin margiela. want to sleep here immediately. love the dark greys.

Tamizo | loft in koło | 2008///////Dedicated to deliver superior interior acoustic experince.  www.bedreakustik.dk/home

Black Bedroom Ideas, Inspiration For Master Bedroom Designs

—high ceilings are the best, right?! love mine.

This is soooo what my dream bedroom would be like. The stone walls, the neutrals and greys, the low bed, and of course: The HORSE! Dress it up with Rainbow Ekkat rug in black and grey tones from the Karmic Hues rug collection.

Piano house by Line Architects - bedroom render

The Piano House by LINE Architects is a pavilion of glass, concrete and wood located in the suburbs of Chisinau, Moldova. A flat plot of trapezoidal shape, surrounded on three sides by existing


Inspired by Halloween, let's explore some dark interiors that bring out the glamour. Not all dark interiors inspire chills. These rooms exhibit a chic an