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I didn't realize for the longest time that Craig is James corden

This was the single most British thing to ever happen. Gotta love Doctor Who!

once i broke a small piece of my jaw bone off (dont fret it was pretty small and i didnt have any noticeable injuries) and didnt realize it until i touched my jaw and thought it was a pill (i was small at that time) but later realized it was a piece of bone. its still there to this day

once i scraped myself up pretty bad, twisted my ankle and broke my bike and was some miles from home on a backroad.

This is kinda sad because who will actualy BUY him the presents that he wants??I just realized that

Favorite part of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship XD I love how the Doctor is over 900 years old but he still adores Christmas :)

He always wanted a kid to be named after him.. (see aloso "Closing time")

Oh brilliant what'd you call him? No, you plum, he's called Tony. He was so touched for like seconds

This episode has so much meaning behind it, I'm glad someone took the time to write about it.

As someone who works in the Hospitality industry, I've seen firsthand how sometimes others forget that we're people. It was more than proved in this moment.<< Same and it's heartbreaking

Clara travels through the doctor's time line so it makes sense that they're the same person.

At first I thought "No, that's too much." But the more I thought about it the more I realized Moffat would totally do that. guys clara is cal. CLARA IS CAL WAT

How is it that a picture could describe my reality so perfectly?

Yeah, I get this with Harry Potter references all the time from friends.I'm a nerd!

I'm not sure what this is implying, but I adore the Ood...unless they have red eyes. Me no likey red-eyed Ood...

I'm not sure what this is implying, but I adore the Ood.unless they have red eyes. Me no likey r ed-eyed Ood.<---- yeah Ood are great