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BTS | TAEHYUNG and JUNG KOOK #TaeKook<----- honestly I think tae is contemplating whether or not he should grab that frie out of kookies mouth.....with his own.....hehehehe Same haha

V looks at him like he is seriously considering leaning over and biting off the other half of the French fry

VKook. Hahaha Jimin's face at the end xD


I just think of them as bros. Like how wants Nico and Leo from Heroes of Olympus to be bros


Jeon Jungkook: Surely there’s some sort of tension between 7 super attractive men living in the same space - surely there’s some sort of; ugh I need to fuck one of yous

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BTS VKook TaeKook Kookie: Hyung, wake up and play with me.

sleeping Taehyung and Jungkook taking a picture of him

BANGTAN CAN SLEEP ANYWHERE: a masterpost these fools can sleep literally anywhere so without further ado i give you… bangtan sleepyeondan [[MORE]] they sleep a lot and for some reason their management.


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you are my only surge dancing dorks featuring SUGA reading behind them


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Jk singing "I know" -Know you love me girl . [Look at the crown] -Know you love me boy. [Look at Taehyung ].

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