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"Hey" is beautiful

29 Tweets That'll Make You Laugh Harder Than They Should

Jajajaja totalmente cierto!!

5 Types Of Injuries: How Bad It Looks VS Actual Pain Level… so TRUE! Period cramps and that motherfucking toe stub

18 Times Parents Were Savage AF

15+ Jaw-Dropping Times Prove That Parents Were Savage AF

This is a work of art.

Accidental Selfie

>>>Accidental Selfie // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - at least hes in the picture

there was a girl at my school and we accidentally bumped into each other and made eye contact but held it a little bit too long because she looked exactly like one of those girls and all I was thinking was "...she's a clone"

ur bra strap is showing<<Quick cover your eyes it may kill us all

How do you think Becky feels?! Get it? ;p << Becky died guys

How do you think Becky feels?p << Becky died guys <<< r. my girl becky