Lol. There is always something to do

Sounds like us.cept cats are disgustingly evil, they smell horrible which leaves a distinct odor on their owners, they're creepy as hell.

best neighbor ever

Hey guys im gonna try to post one of these everyday to make you guys smile(: (literally neighbor goals)

Good for her.

I bet my girlfriend that she couldn't eat an entire pizza by herself and if she could I'd take her out for a day. She looked at me and said "I was single for six years. I've had practice.

She loved it.

Someone from Idaho posted a whisper, which reads "My GF had always wanted to be kissed in the rain. It wasn't raining much lately, so I had my friend covertly stand on my roof with a hose and spray us while we kissed.

My fiancé's last name is White and mine's Black We've decided to change both of our last names to Grey when we get married<< SIRIUS BLACK?

I'm dying! IDK why I'm laughing so hard....

Not my comment but hilarious: was in a public bathroom one time (female) when the silence was broken by this big, loud, fart. Then a voice said "mufasaaaaaa." I couldn't hold the laughter in after that. Still laugh yrs later.


13 Embarrassing Student Confessions That Will Make You Cringe <-- more like laugh my fucking ass off XD