YES. #gymnastics #rips

yess😭 but first part some ppl who work out in gyms get little baby rips that aren't even like flesh showing just a little not even deep whole and freak out.

Lol.  Do that a lot :)

they call me noisy izzy even in soccer when a bigger boy or girl is running towards me i like scream and fall on the ground lol.

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explained my meet this weekend after I finished my first place beam my coach legit tackled me Bc I stuck everything including my dismount

Cuz we're alright, just barely shaking, You tell me you're fine, but I see you're breaking. Get through the night, I promise you now We'll find the way to make it somehow.

Yes it is, and it makes me sad to know that my three favourite dancers Chloe, Brooke and Paige all left this year because of abby.

It's not called a backflip. It could be a back handspring, a back tuck, a back layout, a half/ full.... The list goes on

lol someone asked my coach the difference between a backflip and a back handspring like¿? my coach reacted exactly like this