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astrolocherry: “ “ Sun in the Ninth House - The Permanent Passport “The universe is my God, and I am the universe” People with Sun in the house expand into rapturous solar light, soaking the mind in experiences that reveal sacred meaning in every.

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Rip your brain out

Rip your brain out


「生命誕生の余韻」水と油の魔法な視覚世界 Jane Thomas


Jellyfishhappiness, temptingly beautiful yet it stings when you get too close. Limited Edition 2 of 10 on Fine Art Paper, Jennis Cheng Tien Li

LSD ;)

"As the LSD began to take effect, I suddenly said in a very loud voice, while pounding on top of a file: Every psychiatrist, every psychoanalyst should be forced to take LSD in order to know what is over here.