Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery

Krafta HQ by Simon Stalenhag. Not exactly Christmas, but it has snow.

SIMON STÅLENHAG — So my wife, jazz/folk singer Josefin Peters is...

So my wife, jazz/folk singer Josefin Peters is working on a solo concert so I’m helping her with the poster art. The concert will be held at The Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm on December

From "Tales From the Loop" by Simon Stålenhag

Simon Stålenhag’s Retro Sci-Fi Images of a Dystopian Swedish Countryside Gathered Into Two New Books (Colossal)

Simon Stålenhag Shows and Discusses his Fantastic New Sci-fi Paintings - Digital…

As his new books hit bookshops, we ask the Swedish artist about how he conceives and paints his amazing artworks – and what the hell is really going on.


Girl And Her Robot Travel Through Wastelands In Alternate USA In Chilling Illustrations

‘Violent Parturition Process’ Poster by Simon Stålenhag

Русская смерть

Discover The Art of Simon Stålenhag, a Swedish concept designer and author of Ur Varselklotet. Simon Stålenhag (b. is best known for his highly imagi