Hehe my full name is Delaney and it's on there! :p

Unique Baby Names or book character names.Both of our names are on this list, baby girl Harper and baby boy Grayson!

The Sarcastic Muse Writing Prompts: Photo

I had fond the photograph in on of the drawers in the attack in was two people i recinised the man but not the woman beside him

It tastes gross. Horrid. It is so full of beautiful lies. It's not really happy. It has you fooled. It is so full of this fake happiness that it tastes unbearably terrible. Like chemicals.

The Sarcastic Muse Writing Community : Photo "Like flowers." "What do flowers taste like?" She handed him a flower. "Oh, um, no thank you." He glanced around for a way out of this little girl's attention.

Love letters hidden in a strong box in her garden. The girl was stumbling past the overgrown garden past and into the garden where her mother would surly plant flowers of may colours. As she ventured towards the tree at the back of the garden, she realized she could see something peeking out from the dirt at it's base.

This sole one sentence could lead either to two characters getting together or breaking up. [The Sarcastic Muse Writing Prompts: Photo]