I chained about 5-6 inches and then turned and *half double crocheted in two chains, chained two and repeat from the * to the end of the chain.  Then just roll it up and sew it with the yarn tails to the holes in the hair clip.  Easy peasy!  I already had the supplies so these were FREE!

I love a quick crochet project, and these crocheted flower hair clips from Ellen at Creative Passage are both pretty and fast! Depending on the yarn, they

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Flower motifs with corresponding diagram, look for the matching numbers on the upper left hand side of each page.

Crochet Flower – Step By Step Tutorials

Crochet Flower – Step By Step Tutorials

Free crochet pattern for small flower applique. #crochet

Free crochet pattern for small flower applique. #crochet

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Simple DIY Crochet Flower for a hair clip. link is spam, but this is a cute idea

10 Adorable Free Crochet Flower Patterns - The Cottage Market:

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These brilliant crocheted blooms can be used to adorn and decorate any of your clothing accessory. They can even be used as broaches, or on a sweater or in a cap. You can make a bouquet using these flowers. Weave them in almost every color of rainbow. The leaves give it a natural look.

Eye Catching Design Ideas for Crochet Flowers

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