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When I was first starting out in Photography I remember looking at my favorite photographer's pictures and wondering "How on earth did they get those glassy

45 free photoshop actions,

(Freebies) 30 Free Photoshop Actions for Fashion and Portrait Photographers

If your sessions come out looking like 20 different people edited them, it is time to learn how to get a consistent editing style. Here's how.

How to Achieve A Consistent Editing Style in Photoshop And Lightroom // interesting. and all things it took me years to learn!

70 Useful and Free Photoshop Actions Packs For Photographers - icanbeCreative @Sajna Sivan

Breathtaking Dreamy Vintage Photoshop Tutorial - icanbeCreative by emily

45 free actions - in case I can ever afford Photoshop (lol)!

not a huge fan of actions but I'm liking the second from the left in the bottom left corner. 45 Amazing and Free Photoshop Actions

60 Photoshop Tutorials for Photo Touch-Ups (the lighting and color ones are most useful)

60 Photoshop Tutorials for Photo Touch-Ups Photoshop Actions, Photoshop Tutorials, Photography Tips, Photography Tutorials, Photo Editing

5 Steps To Evening Out Your Skin Tone With Photoshop — ABDPBT Tech

It's like smearing Vaseline all over the lens, but without any messy cleanup.

Photoshop Elements.  what in the world are you going to do with color in Elements?  These are the top ten things that I use specific colors for...

26. Top Ten Uses for Color Swatches in Photoshop Elements