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The next time there is another tragedy as at Lampudesa – and there will be a next time, and a next time after that – and politicians across Europe express shock and grief and anger, remember this: they could have helped prevent it, and chose not to. That is the real disgrace.

Lakota for "Water is Life"

North Dakota is my new home. I definitely stand with standing rock. "Mni Wiconi" is Lakota for "Water is Life"

Kokopelli NH | The RAVEN Birth Totem | September 22 - October 22

Native American Raven and Crow Symbolism The Birth Totem Those born between September 22 and October 22 are represented by the Raven Native American totem animal.

SAN DIEGO, California--A simple fence is the only physical barrier between Mexico and the United States in the area where Border Patrol agent Robert Rosas, Jr. was brutally murdered by five illegal immigrants—the same unchanged fence that the illegals crossed to kill Agent Rosas.

Illegal Alien Was on 'Supervised Release' When He Killed Border Patrol Agent - A Mexican national who entered the U. illegally to kill a U. Border Patrol agent has been given a hefty sentence after prosecution by the U. Attorney’s Office.

Gabe Kapler - (Baseball-)Spieler der Red Sox - im Rahmen einer Kampagne zur Sensibiliserung von jungen Männern hinsichtlich häuslicher Gewalt.

Domestic violence prevention poster-putting celebrities on the forefront to create positive change.

Domestic Violence- Tom is a dominant man with some not-so-pretty acts. He once broke a girl's arm, and Myrtle's nose. It reflects that domestic violence was common even in the wealthy families.

Domestic violence, as a form of Gender Based violence, is a social problem of vast dimensions and globally is the first cause of death and disability

Domestic Violence does not discriminate! ANYONE can become a victim/SURVIVOR of Domestic Violence/Abuse."October Domestic Violence Awareness Month" #Stop #Domestic #Violence

Domestic Violence does not discriminate! ANYONE can become a victim/SURVIVOR of Domestic Violence/Abuse.