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mini leather robot

The artist Stephane Halleux's characters blend a steampunk sensibility with Tim Burton's gothy darkness, as they connect to strange machines, including robots, mechanical bat wings, and a beauty machine.

Robot, por Hossein Afzali

Hossein Afzali was born in 7 Nov 1985 Esfahan, IRAN. Hossein Afzali is freelance Illustration, Character Design and artist.

I think this is really cool. I like that a figure is created by regular objects. He is also very robot like, which i really like. The top is the coolest part. Cool head!  Ritchey The LockBot Recycled Metal Sculpture by GeargoyleMetalArt, $40.00

Ritchey The LockBot, Recycled Metal Sculpture by GeargoyleMetalArt - I have an old padlock that just might get taken out of the junk drawer and re-purposed!

Key Master | by Lockwasher

I sing, a shake rattle an roll; I sing a shake rattle an roll. thank ya, thank ya vera much

found object robots from gamma raybots

robot boe the scrapyard find found object by gammaraybots on Etsy,

Scrap Metal Sculpture Model Recycled Handmade Art Robot 2                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Scrap Metal Sculpture Model Recycled Handmade Art Robot 2

Metal model is made from scrap/recycled metal and auto parts. This model is hand-made by expertised craftsman. This sculpture is very solid and not easy to break because they are welded piece by