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Plant yourself like a tree next to the river of Truth and tell the whole world "No. YOU move."

Marvel Civil War Captain America quote, man up Spider-Man. -- What I hope to live by in my walk of faith.how interesting that the perfect quote should come from a comic.

If you ever wonder what would Captain America do? Remember, Steve Rogers respects women.

If you ever wonder what would Captain America do?<<<<<And, ladies and gentleman, this is why Captain America is basically the Prince Charming of the Marvel universe.

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Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round…


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He's such a sweetheart! I bet the mom was like "Oh please I'd love for Captain America to hold my baby." 15 years later "Chris Evans held me as a baby?"<< the vein pops out of his neck when he sees the baby

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Its good to be Batman.

Funny pictures about It's good to be the Dark Knight. Oh, and cool pics about It's good to be the Dark Knight. Also, It's good to be the Dark Knight.

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