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Night Cat                                                                              What a beautiful picture!  Perfect moment to take it!

Night Cat cougar sunset IPhone wallpaper background lock screen animal at dusk

Bushmen Tribe Girl and Cheetah by Gregory Colbert

Bushmen Tribe Girl and Cheetah by Gregory Colbert

Rare "king" cheetah markings. Indistinct spots and 3 streaks on its spine.

the rare "king" cheetah markings (indistinct spots and 3 streaks on its spine)

leopon leopard lion

Top 10 (Plus) Hybrid Animals of the World

Leopon When a male leopard gets the guts to breed with a female lion, the result is a leopon. Extremely rare in the wild, this hybrid appears to have the mane of a lion but the body of a leopard.

black leopard

black leopard

Having a paddle

Having a paddle

golden tiger

Funny pictures about Extremely rare Golden Tiger. Oh, and cool pics about Extremely rare Golden Tiger. Also, Extremely rare Golden Tiger photos.

Richard Parker

The most awesome images on the Internet

Astonishing photo of rare white Bengal tiger in feeding frenzy. By Photographer Birte Person at Singapore Zoo.

Jaguar (Panthera Onca)聽鈥?Lydia Molyneux • roar

Leopard or Jaguar? I think Jaguar, but I'm not positive.

Silhouettes are amazing, and I love the three deer (three is a magical number). I also love the light rays making it look early in the morning and giving the dusky feeling. Making the picture black and white was a good choice.

Black panther

Black Panthers are so mystic and beautiful. This Black Panther is a melanistic Leopard. Hope you like the eye contact Black Beauty - Panther Portrait