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1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible

No, not the Japanese kind. I mean real tuners, like a high end German car taken to near maximum performance potential like an AMG Mercedes.

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1953 Ad - The New (Blue) Packard - 'How long has it been since you drove a Packard?

1947 Kaiser-Frazer ad

The history of the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation, the quixotic automotive venture of Henry J. Kaiser and Joseph Frazer, from 1945 to

On March 20, 1928, James Ward Packard died. His eponymous company, however, lived on.

Toyota Supra prototype spy shots seem to confirm design in leaked images

1955 Packard Clipper

1955 PACKARD CLIPPER Custom Constellation "Head of its class in Everything" Original Vintage Automobile Advertisement Car Shop Garage Print

1951 Packard Patrician 400 - Promotional Advertising Poster

1951 Packard Patrician 400 - Promotional Advertising Poster