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To whomever is reading this. Never forget how truly awesome and beautiful you are my friend. You deserve only the best that life has to offer, never forget this or settle for less. You are so worth it, trust me.

Beauty is the opposite of perfection!

True Beauty

Beauty Is The Opposite Of Perfection It’s About Confidence, Charisma And Character – Beauty Quote

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Breathe in inspiration and trust yourself. The answer is “yes you can.” - The Art Of Life Studio


Stay beautiful through all the drama! I promise everything will be ok in the end. You may realize stupid things along the way- put keep your head up by staying beautiful and strong! I am a beautiful soul.

Love me some glitter and sequins!

You know, I really don't understand exactly what this quote means, but it sounds pretty awesome just as long as I am one of those girls born with glitter in their veins ;

Why Do Women Hide Behind Their Clothing?

Why Do Women Hide Behind Their Clothing

when a woman realizes that she is beautiful in her imperfections and accepts herself as she is, her confidence soars and it affects every aspect of her life.

Beautiful and true - It has been a harsh and awesome battle both, I could not relive it, but am grateful for the fullness of experiences.

I've fought hard to become the young woman I am today. I plan to keep fighting until I can't anymore to ensure I am the best I could be