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Wave {Push&Pull} Mountain ⛰{Highs& Lows} Sunset/Sunrise {Rise&Fall} #life #number7

It represents all walks of life : through the push and pull, the peaks and valleys, and the rise and fall. - On Victoria.

French phrase. Say lah vee. Such is life. That's life.

Tattoo Submission: Rebeka (Kaposvár, Hungary) (Tattoologist)

French phrase: "C'est la vie" (That's life; such is life) Tattoo >> life doesn't always go as we plan & sometimes we don't understand why, to get through it all you can say is: "that's life.

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COUNTING DOWN (They All Hate Us)

Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

Feel peace, happiness, and serenity with our Lotus Flower temporary tattoo. INKED by dani temporary tattoos are hand-drawn, safe, and non-toxic!

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“A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has it’s place.