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Do I even have to say it

❥ in school today we got a lecture about appropriate knife sizes to have on campus.

I shall call myself this from now on. Want a reason? Well I'm a fourteen year old, I have conservative views, I don't like Planned Parenthood, I detest sexist men, I also detest heterophobes who are trying to tell me what to do because I'm young, I have morals, and I have biblical standards. I also believe that I'm a strong woman....that I can do anything with knowledge. I'm gonna change it all sometime. I know it.

We are the Pariah, the true fighters for humanity. An you could do better, doesn't Pariah mean outcasts?

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If your gonna die at least do it fighting and die a hero instead of die if laying down as unforgettable as a dream.

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Stop making this chat embarrassing to open in public you meme loving fucks

I don't want to become his clone with all of his mistakes

I don't want to become his clone with all of his mistakes

Funeral, Sam Drake, Scott Lang, Kaz Brekker, Akira Kurusu, Mongrel, Neal Caffrey, Catwoman, Crows

Narwhal horn 'unicorn horn' handle and sheath.

"The Unicorn Horn Sword" (Das "Ainkhürn"- Schwert) is of Bergundian make, and the sword pommel and scabbard is made from a narwhal tusk. It dates to the second quarter of the century.


Warriors that are trained since youth to catch killers and fight evil. Each Hero has to complete training before they are allowed into the world to serve the Queen Isolde.