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The northern region of Ynakros is full of lakes, marshes and bogs, which is the natural habitat of a half-human species, the lake lizards. They are heavily built half-humanoids with a crocodile like lower part.

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dark-recesses-of-the-soul: “ ☽ dark, horror, eerie, macabre ☾ ”

there are crimes of passion and crimes of logic. The boundary between them is not clearly defined

Mey crunched up the report in her hand and tossed it as far from her as she could. It bounced off of the wall and rolled under her desk, seemingly mocking her from the shadows. Cradling her head in her hands, she fought back a sob.

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Heritage Spirit cuff links are a reflection of their time. The rotating globes create a jewel representing one's desire to explore the world.

Dark (2017)

Dark (2017)

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