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Purigen 100 Milliliter

buy Purigen 100 Milliliter at Harvey & Haley for only 27.78

Aquatic Life Carbon Block Cartridge - ON SALE! http://www.saltwaterfish.com/product-aquatic-life-carbon-block-cartridge

The Aquatic Life premium quality DI cartridge fits all standard size RO/DI systems for proper filtration of make-up aquarium water.

Kent Marine Acrylic/Glass Cleaner/Polisher 8 oz.

Kent Acrylic/Glass Cleaner-Polish is a nontoxic anti-static formula that cleans glass and acrylic to a sparkling shine.

Fluval Edge Carbon Clean & Clear Renewal Sachets - 3 pk - ON SALE! http://www.saltwaterfish.com/product-fluval-edge-carbon-clean-clear-renewal-sachets-3-pk

The n-bone\'s puppy teething ring\'s distinctive form and pliable texture make it an ideal teething assist for puppies soothing their ache and sore gums

Aquatic Life 6,000K T5-HO Lamp - 54 W - 48" - ON SALE! http://www.saltwaterfish.com/product-aquatic-life-6000k-t5-ho-lamp-54-w-48

Aquatic Life freshwater lamps use phosphors that replicate what plants and fish receive naturally.

Fast shipping, good price, this bulb is nice and bright and stable. I used it in conjunction with a 420/460nm actinic shared spectrum bulb, a 420nm actinic bulb, and a second 10k daylight. The fish and coral look amazing, especially at night with only the actinics on! I run the actinics from 10a-10p and the 10k daylight from 11a-9p.

Aquatic Life marine lamps use phosphors that replicate what corals, plants and fish receive naturally.

Kent Marine Purple Tech - 64 fl oz - ON SALE! http://www.saltwaterfish.com/product-kent-marine-purple-tech-64-fl-oz

It is only by being enthusiasts for the hobby that a true understanding of fish husbandry can be obtained, whether it is understanding the requirements of your fish or knowing the appropriate piece of equipment that you require to succeed in the hobby.

Fluval Filter Lid O-Ring for FX5/FX6 - ON SALE! http://www.saltwaterfish.com/product-fluval-filter-lid-o-ring-for-fx5fx6

The Fluval Top Cover O-Ring is a replacement part for the Fluval Model. The Fluval provides power with performance and pumps over 900 GPH.

Thrive Aquatics #6 potassium (600 ml) - ON SALE! http://www.saltwaterfish.com/product-thrive-aquatics-5-potassium

* Concentrated potassium supplement ideal for SPS coral reef aquariums * Reef aquarium supplement increases potassium & SPS coral coloration * Saturated potassium solution also great for low